Marriage & Family Mediation Center -
Patricia G. Polski, M.A.
Qualified Mediator
With a career in the law and finance professions spanning over 25 years and a Masters Degree in Human Development, Patricia G. Polski (Patty) is a uniquely qualified mediator whose training, education and experience allow her to effectively communicate with all parties involved in her mediation sessions.  She has the knowledge and ability to comprehend complex issues involving marital dissolution and child custody disputes.
Patty's passion for helping couples and families through difficult times, her extensive mediation and counseling training (including certification in Spiritual Direction) and her many years as a business person, equip her to deal with both the practical and the emotional aspects of conflict.
Her mediation process is facilitative.  The facilitative mediator does the following:

  • Structures the process to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.

  • Asks questions, validates and normalizes parties' points of view, searches for interests underneath the positions taken by the parties and assists the parties in finding and analyzing options for resolution.

  • Ensures that parties come to agreements based on information and understanding.

  • Predominantly holds joint sessions with all parties present so they can hear others' points of view.

  • Encourages the parties to have a major influence on decisions made, rather than the parties' attorneys.

The facilitative mediator does not:

  • Make recommendations to the parties.

  • Give advice or opinions as to the outcome of the case.

  • Predicts what a court would do in a case.